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DALINCI INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is a small Belgian design studio.

The name `DALINCI` is the combination of the names of Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali, two geniuses, both extremely ahead of their time.

The company is specialised in off- or onsite support during all your product development phases.

Proven competences are :
- 3D Cad design in Catia V4/V5 and Solidworks
- Automotive interior design
- Automotive tooling and packaging
- Plastics injection molding, thermoforming,...
- Fiber Reinforced Composites
- Bicycle design
- "Hardware" for ruggedized electronic solutions
- Cost effective concepts for unique products up to mass production
- Sheet metal design
- Model and mould making
- CNC milling, lathing
- Rapid Prototyping techniques
- High Pressure Metal Casting
- ...

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