Recumbent Motorcycle Design Competition


Dalinci Product Design has recently announced its Recumbent Motorcycle Design Contest, inviting you to visualise and present your vision on the appearance of its future vehicle plans.

What is a Recumbent or “ Feet Forward” motorcycle ?

The Recumbent Motorcycle or “ Feet Forward Motorcycle” concept is almost as old as the first 2 wheeled vehicles that had a motor installed. Only few of them have had limited commercial success in the past. Still today, traditional motorcycle brands seem to have no interest in the possible advantages of the concept.

With electric drivetrains and batteries being the most promising power sources for vehicle propulsion, things might change, especially if we’re thinking of motorcycles. Unlike aerodynamically optimised cars, “motorcycle + driver” ‘s drag coefficient and frontal area is ridiculous for the weight and volume to be displaced. Therefore battery packs in “ traditional” electric powered motorcycles, are as big as possible to create an acceptable range, certainly at highway speeds. And for electric motorcycles the battery pack is the most important cost factor…

Imagine a motorcycle concept where frontal area could be drastically reduced, drag coefficient could be halved, and in the same time offer the rider way more comfort and weather protection. Possibly also crash protection structures, belts and or airbags could be successfully integrated.


Most complete website on the topic of feet forward motorcycles is :

What are we looking for?
Participants are to design and visualize their vision on the styling of an existing and functional Proof Of Concept vehicle.  See short movie of the POC vehicle here :   For those interested, 2D views in pdf and 3D CAD data or available to be used as underlay. The primary use case for this vehicle is “sportive high performance fun”. Other use cases can be presented next to this, it’s all up to the participants vision.



Evaluation Procedure and Criteria

One week after the entry deadline, all “good enough for publication” entry’s will be presented on a dedicated webpage for public voting during 4 weeks. Public votes will make up 52% of the total score. The other 48% will be scored by 1 TBD automotive designer, and 1 TBD Senior Product Design Engineer and Eric Vloemans (Owner Dalinci Product Design)


Criteria :

  • The overall styling (50%)
  • The functional compatibility with steering, suspension, rider comfort and protection, vehicle entry and exit (30%)
  • The quality of the presented visuals (20%)


Recumbent Motorcycle Design Contest - Entry fees

No Entry fees.



Participants can be creative individuals, graphic artists, automotive and product designers, students,…. It is not mandatory for the participants to have a vehicle design background. 


Prizes and Category’s

- Students, non-professional creatives :

    Gold Medal : 1000€  Silver Medal : 500€  Bronze Medal : 250€

- Professional designers : 1000€


Overall winner :

If considered as "ready for being 3D modelled", the overall winner will receive a 3D printed model of his/her design on scale 1/6. On top of that, his/her name will get recognition in every publication, as well as on the vehicle “design by  #yourname“ .



How to participate :

  • Download the available 2D  and/or 3D data below
  • Extra information and timeline of the Proof of Concept Vehicle can be found on :
  • Format of the entry :  Minimum file size: 1900 x 1200 pixels
  • By submitting your entry you declare to have all intellectual right related to your entry
  • Submit your entry (s), mentioning your category, before Jan 31st 2022 by email to :
Recumbent Motorcycle Design Competion Step
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Recumbent Motorcycle Design Competion STL
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Recumbent Motorcycle Design Competion W Man PDF PDF
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Recumbent Motorcycle Design Competion Wo Man PDF PDF
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