Result-Driven Product Development

 Converting idea's and visions into physical products

 On- or offsite support of your product development projects for  One-off's, small series, large series, mass products 

 Reinforce your development team on project or time base

Lead & guide your team

Build prototypes 

Support during every phase of your product development proces 

Sketching & ideation     Defining specifications     Concept development     Mock-ups & prototypes     Product architecture definition     Design sketching     3D CAD  Ergonomic Evaluation     3D printing  3D scanning Intellectual Property     Analysis & reviews     Documentation     Engineering & industrialisation     Prototyping     Production tools     Support during production ramp-up

Dalinci Product Design

Eric Vloemans

Geraniumstraat 21 

B-2250  Olen

+32 494 720 020


3D Cad design in Solidworks & Catia      Automotive tooling and packaging      Automotive interior design      Bicycle design      CNC milling, lathing      Complex surface modelling      Coöperating with electronic hardware designers Cost effective concepts from on-off's  up to mass production      Custom furniture design & production      Fiber reinforced composites      High pressure metal casting      Mock-up's and prototypes      Model and mould making Patent generation and documentation      Plastics injection molding, thermoforming,..      Rendering & visualisation

Sheet metal design      Supplying custom parts      Technical concepts, constructions and mechanisms