The reason for an Hossack style front-end

Published on 4 June 2020 at 14:01

In the final design,  I want to get rid of the gap that is seen on almost every motorbike, between the front fender and the front of the bike, to allow the  suspension travel of the front wheel.

The low nose without gap, will for sure create a distinct look, but has also positive effects on aerodynamics. 

To allow this "low-nose-look", the choice is made to use a "Hossack-style" suspension. Different options have been explored , but finally I end up with  a pure Hossack dual lever suspension, actuated through steering rods with a Middleton link.

The short fixed forclegs, front wheel and front fender will turn in the headset. The headset and windshield will be connected  to the frame with both Hosssack links. 

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Royce Creasey
3 years ago

Good work! Grosse Arbiet! Felicitations!
But HCS is simpler, takes less space, Aerodynamics before style
But don't mind me! just trying to help. Respect.