The Donor… Zero vs Ducati

Published on 18 July 2020 at 12:24

The Donor… Zero versus Ducati

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact Zero to try and source their electric drivetrain parts, the only option that left was to buy a second hand Zero with old battery and technology for 6000-7000€.  Not the kind of budget that I can spent on the project .  Due to the tire dimensions I intend to use, the Zero wheels and front fork would not be reusable.

Unfortunately, all this meant the preliminary end for the electric drivetrain of this project.  Although much more complicated and technically challenging, I need to continue with an ICE.

Searching for a suitable donor, I ended up by Ducati, a relatively narrow powerful V-twin block, steel trellis frame that could partly be re-used, with compatible rim and fork dimensions. 

The initial idea was to go for an older type Monster, but those are still relatively expensive compared to other Ducati models. I was able to buy a well maintained and fully functional Ducati ST2 for one third of what I would have to spent on an old Zero.

Disassembly, cutting the frame and checking the rider position, have already been executed.


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