Last Step before the full scale tape drawing

Published on 8 November 2020 at 12:26

In the photoshop rendering of the previous blogpost, it was clear for me that some shapes and proportions were not yet ok. The most efficient way to solve this is, is creating a side view line drawing with Bezier curves. These are very easy to manipulate, while maintain smooth transitions. In this way, with the side view rendering in the background, it’s possible to easily optimise proportions and creating character lines without losing the feel with the 3D model.

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john bruce
4 years ago

1 The petrol tank has to go under the bike.
2 The center of pressure from the side has to be further back so the body needs a tail. This will improve side wind movement, also improve crash protection on roll over.
3 A chest restraint is required if you are in a head on impact this will also reduce the possibility to loose your head an the windscreen.
4. If the bike is dropped restraint in front and behind the legs will minimize leg injury.
5. The seating position has the legs and arms to fare stretched out for comfort.
These are observations from a FFer who has designed many bikes. We need more designers so I hope this is a help. Remember function over style. Regards John Bruce (Coda motorcycles)