Frame finishing, exhaust re-routing, fuel tank parts

Published on 10 July 2021 at 08:37

Welding of all framework is finished now. Also the rerouting and mounting of the exhaust pipes has been executed. The radiator also got his fixation points and is now attached to the front frame.

Since there were a few differences between the downloaded CAD of the engine and the real engine, I had to redesign the front frame and aluminium side plates a bit, very time-consuming...

The internal parts of the fuel-tank haven been slightly modified and now fit into the custom designed fuel tank. CNC and sheet metal parts for the fuel tank have arrived and are ready to be welded by a professional.

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Roger Dunkley
9 months ago

An awesome project !! I am very impressed with your design skills ... your bike looks far better than any other FF bike that I have seen...
I have built kit cars, 3 wheelers, an enclosed motorcycle and recently a 4 wheel enclosed velomobile, and know how challenging projects like this are.. keep up the great work !!