Front suspension, steering, and handlebar assembly

Published on 15 December 2020 at 15:13

I’ve chosen the most complicated part of the vehicle to start the assembly process : the front suspension, and steering mechanism.  The complexity is due to the many pivoting axis and moving parts.

As can be seen on the photo’s, I’ve re-used quite some parts of the Ducati ST2 donor bike. The suspension and damping in the fork legs have been removed, and fork legs are shortened to the minimum. A rear mono-chock has been placed between the two front links (Hossack type suspension).   An additional link has been mounted on the top bridge, to connect the primary with the secondary steering head through a “Middleton” link, with two adjustable connection rods. Handlebar position is adjustable in height and length. Steering angle has been maximised and clearance between handlebar and upper legs has been checked.

Tubes,  plates and CNC milled parts for the rear suspension and rear subframe are ordered and  under construction.

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4 years ago

I love you are building this - its been one of those projects I wish I could do for years.
I wonder if you are considering a steering damper due to the distance between the steering pivot, and the handlebars?
I will be keeping a close eye on this project - best of luck! :)

4 years ago

I’m really impressed about your work, but for my opinion the length of the connection rods is wrong. The joint on the top bridge should move on a rail with a constant distance to the steering joint.

jan nelder
3 years ago

I can’t see the detail of the rear of the steering rods where they join to the handlebar stem.

Eric Vloemans
3 years ago

A detail picture of that detail is in my previous post..

a year ago

How much would you want for the blueprints on this bike

3 months ago

sir , whats the state of the project now in 2024 please

Vloemans Eric
2 months ago

progress can be followed on my linkedin page, connect to Eric Vloemans on LinkedIn..